I speak in person too! I once was asked to give a talk on my “sweet spot” – acclimating to an environment where cross-cultural differences are confronted head on. So I accepted, closed my eyes and jumped. And when the cameras started rolling, I realised that actually, working with an audience can be so much fun.

What does my perspective bring to the table? I am a perpetual outsider who has spent her entire life de-coding cultures that I’ve come to accept and appreciate innately—Canadian, French, Russian, American, British. Growing up within any given culture doesn’t give one the benefit of seeing what is unique about it. I’ve always started out “apart” from the societies where I landed. Eventually, I became “a part” of those same cultures that once felt so acutely foreign to me but I now embrace as my own.

I believe passionately in sharing my perspectives towards expanding cultural horizons and to exploring different approaches that challenge what we’ve always known. I would love to share these takes with you in person.

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