For women who are facing major life changes, I am a writer and podcaster who explores global themes from diverse cultural perspectives. I seek to suspend default assumptions about how things “should be done.” 

My multicultural background and experiences as a Filipina/American/Canadian living in Europe for 20+ years have made me culturally-astute at embracing “the new normal”. I try to approach it all with sensitivity, humour, authenticity and kindness.

I write through the eyes of someone, who from childhood (as an immigrant to Canada) through to adulthood (as a long-time ex-pat), never really fit in anywhere. So, I learned over time how to adapt and transition to new environments and different cultures. But I also learned that being a life-long outsider gives me an edge. I can see things others take for granted. I have a different perspective on what people assume is the norm.

I speak with a voice that has railed against convention, establishment and expectation for as long as I can recall. My rebellious nature has often gotten me into trouble but it’s also allowed me to be almost belligerent about deconstructing social and cultural assumptions. 

I share what I’ve lived through, what I’ve helped other people live through and what I thought I could never live through… but did.

My podcast, The Accidental Anthropologist gives a platform for different voices from different countries, cultures, communities and classes to share their own unique stories on timeless and timely themes.  

My blog, The Accidental Anthropologist Essays, expands on themes from my podcast interviews and offers written observations from my experiences as a life-long outsider.

When you understand that one way of doing things doesn’t have to be the only way, you soften your attitude about different approaches to the same situation. And with an open mind comes kindness.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore my work.